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Paring Port & Nibbles

Paring Port & Nibbles

For a simple appetiser, consider putting together a mixed bowl of various types of stuffed olives and pickles to serve alongside a small glass of Port.

White Port And Nibbles
If you are serving nibbles and nuts, or maybe a bowl of olives or two before dinner, why not try a glass of Fonseca Siroco White Port on your guests. A generous measure of White Port mixed in a long glass with ice, tonic and a slice of lime is a cool refreshing aperitif. See our Taylors Port and Tonic Cocktail for ingredients and method.

Tawny Port And Nuts
Alternatively why not try a chilled Tawny Port like the Kopke 10 Year Old. The taste is cleaner and crisper than a traditional Red Port and it works well with smoked almonds, salted popcorn, smoked salmon and other tasty nibbles.

Chilled Pink Port
A chilled Croft Pink Port also works well with smoked salmon, cream cheese and crackers.

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