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Croft Pink Port 75cl

Over four centuries of Port making has given the house of Croft time to consider this wonderfully exciting Ros� ; style of Port, the first of its kind to enter into the market and still the quality reference. This innovative new style of port has been made by a new technique which extracts fresh, fruity flavours and delivers a subtle and delicate pink colour. The result is wonderfully fresh and vibrant, full of the rich fruit flavours of Port but with a unique and distinctive appeal. The challenge for producing the Pink Port was how to capture these characters without letting the intense tannic character of Douro grapes and the fortification process dominate the final product. The winemaking approach was to take red Port grapes and handle them in a similar way to producing an elegant non-wooded white wine. This vinification method extracts a light amount of colour from the skins without extracting astringent tannins which would make the palate of this light style of Port aggressive. The cold settling prior to fermentation and the cool fermentation are fundamental to enhance the freshness of fruit and its elegance. The result attractive floral notes underline the pungent, aromatic raspberry fruit aromas. The palate is full of deliciously ripe cherry and raspberry fruit flavours with lovely nuances of honey and grapefruit. Served chilled it gives a lovely crisp and fruity flavour, superb in a range of cocktails. With it's vibrant red colour, perfect for Summer Parties as an alternative to more traditional drinks... View Cocktail Ideas Here!