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Pedro Ximenez Sherry (PX) With Chocolate

Pedro Ximenez Sherry (PX) With Chocolate

Often cited as the sweetest wine in existence, PX has the luscious, raisiny decadence of a lusted-after dessert. This dark, unctuous drink is fabulous at the end of a meal, poured over ice-cream or served in a glass as an accompaniment to a chunk of dark chocolate, a gooey brownie or an airy souffle.

But the truth is, pedro ximenez sherry doesn’t need a foodie partner to make a statement; simply sipping this extraordinary wine is a deliciously decadent way to round off a meal. Varied, vibrant and versatile, there’s a style of sherry for every occasion – whether you’re looking for an aperitif, table wine or nightcap.

Source/Credits: The Guardian - My Sherry Amour

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