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Manzanilla Sherry With Fish

Manzanilla Sherry With Fish

The two driest sherry styles – light in colour and feel, with appetising acidity and lovely, comforting yeasty notes – are fino and manzanilla. The only real difference between them is the place they are aged; in the case of manzanilla, it’s at the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, on the coast where the Guadalquivir River meets the Atlantic, and somehow a fresh saltiness ends up in the wine.

Perhaps this proximity to the sea is the reason manzanilla is such a great match for fish: from sushi to smoked salmon, fresh oysters to grilled squid – and even fish and chips – it acts like a squeeze of lemon, bringing out the flavour.

Source/Credits: The Guardian - My Sherry Armour

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