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6 Best Ports For A Taste Of The Portuguese Wine

6 Best Ports For A Taste Of The Portuguese Wine

Enjoy 6 of the best ports for a taste of the Portuguese wine from Cotswold Port Co. Indulge in vintage port to tawny port all selected in the top 10 best ports to enjoy in the

Fonseca Terra Prima Organic won best overall Port

Fonseca's Terra Prima was the first port to be made entirely from grapes grown organically in the Cima Corgo area of the Douro Valley. This organic port is aged in oak vats, it has a full-on fruitiness with rich dark fruit and blackberry flavours, a lush sweetness and a long and satisfying finish.

Taylor’s 10 Year-Old Tawny won best port for pairing with blue cheese

The flavour also becomes richer and deeper with notes here of fig, dark berries and dark chocolate. A wonderful drink for long winter evenings, it pairs superbly with a blue cheese or a rich chocolate dessert or can be enjoyed simply on its own.

Fonseca Crusted won best crusted port

What you’re getting are the best characteristics of several of the finest vintages in a single bottle. This example, bottled in May 2015, has continued to mature, resulting in a full-bodied and generously-flavoured port with a rich nuttiness and vibrant notes of plum and dark fruits.

Sandeman Unfiltered LBV Port won best unfiltered port

A traditional unfiltered late bottled vintage port from Sandeman that has enjoyed an extra two years of ageing, giving it a richer and more rounded flavour. Lots of dark fruit here along with sweet cocoa notes and hints of spice and tobacco. Enjoy it with a chocolate-based dessert such as profiteroles or a soft and creamy cheese. It’s ready to drink now but there will be sediment in the bottle and it will need decanting.

Sandeman 20-year-old tawny won the best for an aperitif

Here's a tawny port that has been aged for at least 20 years in oak casks, with lashings of rich and intense dried fruit, fig and nut flavours backed by enticing notes of spice and honey. In its elegant glass-stoppered bottle it looks good too. Serve it slightly chilled as a splendidly impressive aperitif or pair it with some rich starters or freshly prepared fruit.

Warre’s 2016 vintage for the best saving

Warre’s is the oldest UK port company established in Portugal with a history that dates back to 1670. Its 2016 vintage was blended from mixed vines from its Cavadinha and Retiro vineyards containing as many as 30 to 40 different varieties, some of which are between 80 and 100 years old. The yields from these vineyards are small but the resulting taste and the flavour is huge, with ripe plum and black fruit notes and hints of spice and blossom. Another one that you can drink now but will be at its best in the late 2020s.

Source: Mentzendorff

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