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A Guide To Matching Taylors Ports With Dessert

A Guide To Matching Taylors Ports With Dessert

Taylors Late Bottled Vintage

This style of port was developed by Taylors, which remains its benchmark producer.  Like vintage port, LBV is a selection of the best wines from a single year. Whereas vintage port spends only two years in wood, LBV is aged in oak vats for between four and six years: hence the term ‘late bottled’. Elegant and fruity, Taylors LBV displays the character and heritage of the great Taylors vintages in an approachable style.  A superb compliment match for a rich chocolate mousse or chocolate profiteroles.

Taylors 10 Year Old Tawny Port

This style of port is fully matured in seasoned oak casks each holding about 630 litres of wine. Here, over many years of ageing, the wine gradually takes on its characteristic amber ‘tawny’ colour, slowly developing the complex mellow flavours and the smooth luscious palate which are the hallmarks of tawny port.

Taylors blends its magnificent 10 year old tawny from its extensive reserves of old cask aged ports matured in the firm’s cool and tranquil cellars (known as ‘lodges’) in Vila Nova de Gaia on Portugal’s Atlantic coast. Mellow and elegant, combining delicate wood notes with rich aromas of mature fruit, it is bottled for immediate drinking. The perfect accompaniment for a homemade apple pie, or a tarte tatin.

Taylors 20 Year Old Tawny Port

Each year selected rich red ports are set aside to age in oak casks. As the wine ages it gradually loses it original deep purple or ‘ruby’ colour and takes on the delicate amber hue known as ‘tawny’. As the wine ages it gains complexity and elegance, leaving behind the intense fruitiness of youth and developing the mellow spicy aromas associated with long wood ageing.

This is characterised by their attractive amber colour, smooth silky palate and rich complex flavour. A wonderful pairing for chargrilled peaches with honey, yoghurt and pine nuts. A homemade apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or a warm almond tart.

Taylors Vintage Port

Vintage ports are among the world’s great iconic wines. Made only in the very finest years, they are blended from the best produce of the firm’s own estates. They are renowned for their massive structure and aromatic power, tempered by a characteristic understatement and restraint.

In certain years when a Taylors vintage is not declared, single quinta vintage ports may be made from the individual produce of the firms estates, Vargellas and Terra Feita. A young vintage port is delightful paired with a mixed berry tart, or some chocolate truffles. Or for something with a little more bottle age, then try some baked figs with honey or even a pecan pie.

Source: Taylors

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