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A Guide To Port Bottle Sizes

A Guide To Port Bottle Sizes

The below lists the main port bottle sizes. The most common sizes are the half bottle, standard bottle and magnum, with larger sizes being rarer. 

  • 37.5cl Bottles Of Port Wine

Half: Equivalent to one-half of the standard 75cl bottle.

"...the perfect size for two or three people wishing to enjoy a freshly decanted vintage port..." Adrian Bridge, Fladgate Partnership

  • 75cl Bottles Of Port

Standard: Most common bottle size.

  • 150cl Bottles Of Port

Magnum: Equivalent to two standard 75cl bottles.

  • 225cl Bottles Of Port

Tappet-Hen: Equivalent to thee 75cl bottles.

"If you appreciate large format bottles of port wine there are few sizes that are more captivating than Tappit-hen bottlings." Roy Hersh, For The Love of Port

  • 300cl Bottles Of Port

Double Magnum: Equivalent to four standard 75cl bottles or two 150cl Magnums.

  • 600cl Bottles Of Port

Imperial: Equivalent to eight standard 75cl bottles or two 300cl Double Magnums. These majestic bottles of port are rare and much prized by collectors

"...impressive and memorable way of serving vintage port to a large number of guests." Adrian Bridge, Fladgate Partnership.

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