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Sandeman Sherry Royal Ambrosante Pedro Ximenez 20YO 50cl

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Sandeman Royal Ambrosante Pedro Ximenez Sherry 20 Year Old

A Pedro Ximenez 20 Years Old from a Solera established in 1894 is one of Sandeman´s Rare wines. Its intense flavour combines lush, ripe fruit and age, epitomising the style of Sandeman Sherries.

A Wine with a dark, opaque mahogany colour, has an intensely fragrant aroma. Full and vigorous in the mouth, it is both smooth and sweet, combining lush ripe fruit and age in a perfect balance. The intense raisin flavours are complex with a very long concentrated finish.

The juice pressed from the raisined grapes to make this wine is intensely sweet and concentrated, meaning that the yeasts cannot complete fermentation. The resulting wine is treacle-sweet prior to fortification with grape spirit. This luscious PX is aged in a Solera system in Jerez which was first established in 1894. The final wine has an average age of 20 years.

This Sherry is ready to drink and does not require decanting. Serve chilled, between 10ºC-12ºC. Once open, it will remain fresh for up to 8 weeks.

An ideal partner to full rich dark chocolate or mocca desserts, dry fruit cakes or intense vanilla ice cream.