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Taylors White Port Pairing

Taylors White Port Pairing

Keep a bottle in your fridge at all times, you never know when you are going to feel like having a wonderfully refreshing glass of chilled Taylor’s chip dry. The perfect drink on a warm summer’s day with some salted almonds and some hand cut crisps.

Alternatively, enjoy it as a long drink served in a high ball glass, with 5 or 6 cubes of ice, topped up with tonic water and a sprig of mint.

Instead of serving a glass of Sauternes with foie gras, why not try a chilled white port instead. The hints of honey and good balanced acidity in the wine complement the rich paté beautifully.

Taylor’s white ports are also rather excellent when drizzled into a warm soup, adding some wonderful depth to the soup on a cold winter’s day.

And why not try it as part of a dessert. Serve 2 scoops of lemon or lime sorbet into a martini glass and pour a measure of Taylor’s chip dry or white port over the sorbet – divine.

Source: Taylors Port

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