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Taylors Very Old Single Harvest Vintage 1968 Port 75cl in Wooden Gift Box


Taylors Very Old Single Harvest Vintage 1968 Port 75cl in Wooden Gift Box.

Taylor’s holds one of the most extensive reserves of very old cask aged Port of any producer. This limited edition bottle of single harvest port by Taylor's has been aged for exactly 50 years and is the fifth in the series. Vintage Ports age in bottle, Single Harvest Ports are wines of a single year which have been matured for five decades in seasoned oak casks. This one is from a 1968 harvest which has aged to full maturity in a seasoned oak casks. It is ready to be consumed straight from the bottle, without the need for decanting.

It features an intense, concentrated, flavour thanks to the ageing process. Deep chestnut colour at the centre surrounded by a broad amber rim. A mature, opulent plum-pudding nose, intense and powerful, with all elements in perfect harmony. Warm base notes of raisin and toffee mingle with a rich vanilla oakiness, aromas of walnut and marzipan and spicy hints of black pepper. The palate is round, concentrated and full of rich nutty, butterscotch flavour. Underpinning the smooth, dense texture is a finely-integrated acidity which provides an attractive freshness and lift into the long finish.

A superb Single Harvest Tawny which delivers all the intense, mellow aromas of long ageing in oak casks while maintaining an attractive harmony and balance. It is an excellent accompaniment to many deserts. It combines well with flavours of figs, almonds and caramel. It is an excellent complement for a creme brulee or a plate of wild strawberries. It may also be appreciated on its own, at the end of the meal, with walnuts or dried fruit, and can be served cool in the summer.

“Gorgeous from the get-go, with toasted sesame, green tea, walnut husk, pistachio cream and peanut toffee notes seamlessly layered atop one another, framed by a subtle singed alder hint. Everything glides with grace through the finish, like a gently wafting plume of white smoke off of burning incense. Drink now.” - James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

This highly sought after beverage is limited in number and would make the perfect 50th birthday, anniversary or company gift. The 1968 is a perfect follow-up to their outstanding 1967, it is superb now but also has plenty of life ahead. Presented in the classic black frosted bottle in a high quality wooden box with date plague.