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Taylors Very Old Single Harvest Vintage 1966 Port 75cl in Wooden Gift Box

Displayed in a Wooden Gift Box this is the perfect present for any special occasions especially Fathers Day. The port's 5 decades of ageing have given it a l ovely medium golden mahogany colour, with a hint of olive green on the meniscus. The nose is complex with aromas of walnut, macadamia, brown sugar and a warm spicy background of molasses and caramel. The palate is smooth and honeyed, with rich spice, figs, mocha and confit apricot. The acidity is marked and the finish long with beautiful balance. Wonderfully poised and elegant, this exceptional Aged Tawny Port is ready to drink now and is the perfect wine with which to celebrate a 50th birthday or anniversary. Beautifully presented in a gorgeous hinged wooden case with engraved plague label detail on front. From Taylor's Managing Director, Adrian Bridge: "A 50th birthday or anniversary is a landmark occasion. Taylor's Single Harvest Ports offer a unique opportunity to celebrate with an extraordinary 50 year old wine in perfect condition.