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Taylors Fine Tawny Port 75cl


Taylors Fine Tawny Port

Taylors are one of the leading port houses, founded by Job Bearsley in 1692. Today the estate is led by Adrian Bridge, with David Guimaraens as head winemaker.

Taylors Fine Tawny Port is drawn from wines selected for their smoothness and mellow character. These are aged for up to three years in oak casks in Vila Nova de Gaia. The individual wines are then blended together a few months before bottling for balance and completeness.

Predominantly enjoyed in Oporto as an aperitif, but equally enjoyable after meals. This lighter style of port has an amber colour, mellow flavours of ripe berry fruit, butterscotch, figs, prunes and spice, and a smooth texture that helps it slip down easily.

A great match for grilled or salted nuts, mature cheeses, or a sticky toffee pudding.