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Calem Vintage 1985 Port 75cl in Wooden Gift Box

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Porto Cálem has achieved the status of a universal brand, with an extensive offering in all Port wine categories but above all Tawny. It is in the Arnozelo Wine Estate that Porto Cálem wines are born. Situated on the south bank of the Douro River, this wine estate has an area of 300 hectares, 100 of which occupied by the best vineyards of the Douro Demarcated Region, classified with the letter “A”.Cálem only bottles its Tawny Ports when an order is received therefore ensuring the freshness of that particular bottling. The bottling date is clearly visible on the back label.

Intense red colour with brownish hints. Dense and perfumed nose standing-out the aromas of plum, chocolate and spices. Full, fat and juicy. Wonderfully balanced, vigorous, with strong but well-integrated tannins. A well-structured wine that shows attractive signs of ageing in bottle. Final of a remarkable persistence.