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Bacalha Moscatel de Setabal 2012 75cl 17.5% ABV

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Moscatel de Setúbal is Portugal's answer to the French Muscat de Beaumes de Venise - a fortified sweet wine made from the Muscat of Alexandria.

Produced  entirely from Moscatel de Setúbal coming mainly from vinyards located in the Serra da Arrábida region. This location, protected from the warm winds in the south provides for slow maturation resulting in grapes with good acidity and strong, fruitful aromas.

After a short fermentation, selected 'aguardente' (grape spirit) is added (to fortify the wine). The wine then macerates on the grape skins until the end of the winter (5-6 months). It is then aged for a minimum of 1 year in small French oak barrels.

The length and nature of the ageing process of this wine produces a rich and complex flavour. Light topaz colour with intense aromas of orange tree flower, tea, honey and raisins. Balanced smooth, sweet yet fresh finish.

Serve chilled. Fantastic as an aperitif,excellent with sweetmeats, prunes, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream or with coffee at the end of meal.