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Port Infused Stilton

Traditional Christmas recipe combing Cheese and Port in one course.

Prep time: 2-4


1 block of baby Stilton with rind (about 2kg in weight)
350ml of Port (Banyuls is great alternative)


Place the Stilton on the flattest of its two extremities, and cut off the top

Place the Stilton into a deep bowl

Scoop off a rill all around the top using a Stilton scoop or spoon (The Stilton removed should be eaten while finishing the perpetration)

Prick the Stilton from top to bottom using a skewer. This allows the Port freely flow and marinate with the cheese.

Slowly pour the Port directly on to the top of the Stilton. The Port will start seeping into the veins and holes in the Stilton and much of the Port will eventually end up in the bowl

Wrap the Stilton and bowl in Cling Film

Over the next few days and when the bowl fills unwrap and pour the Port back into the top of the Stilton


 Port infused Stilton

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