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Valentines Cocktails Using Croft Pink Port

Valentines Cocktails Using Croft Pink Port

Pink Jasmine:

Croft Pink Port mixed with equal amount of cold Jasmine tea, served in a tall glass filled with diced strawberries & ice cubes. This recipe is a perfect summery punch for your Valentines Garden Party, and it can be prepared for as many guests as you wish. 

Pink & Soda:

Open & capture the exiting fresh fruitful expression of Croft Pink port when diluted with soda water. Add some fresh fruits for an excellent low alcohol thirst quencher.

Spiced Portugal:

Muddle some melon chunks with half a chilli (without seeds) to extract the juice and the spiciness required to mix with a large measure of Croft Pink Port. Stir the cocktail with a few ice cubes and strain into half a melon, or a glass, to enjoy as an aperitif. 

Pink Garden:

Cut a red pepper and use a quarter to muddle in a shaker. Add a spring of thyme and a large measure of Croft Pink Port, then shake and strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy on the side of green starter.

Apple & Pink Julep:

In a long glass, place 10 to 15 mint leaves with a shot of apple juice. Gently press to extract the full aroma of the mint and add a large measure of Croft Pink Port. Add some ice and swizzle until the cocktail is chilled. Fill the glass with more ice and garnish with a mint spring and an apple fan.

Frozen Pink Festival:

In a blender, place a few chunks of watermelon and 4 raspberries. Add a large measure of Croft Pink Port and 5 ice cubes. Blend everything, serve in a cocktail glass, and garnish with a couple of raspberries.

Source: Croft

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