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Taylor's 1968 Single Harvest accolades

As with previous Taylor's Single Harvest releases the 1968 is receiving some extremely positive press.

 “Taylor's continue their now-annual tradition of supplying liquid, specially packaged fiftieth birthday gifts (there won't be many other drinkable 1968s from anywhere in the world) and this tawny, with its flavours of vanilla, candied citrus and walnuts, is particularly pure and well balanced, but not cheap. Comes in a wooden gift box."  Jancis Robinson,, December 2017

 “The nose is superb, with classic, mature Tawny nuttiness, but it is the palate which has me hooked.  There is volume here with toffee, fig, walnut and woodsmoke tones.  It is silky, juicy and very long, too.18/20"  Matthew Jukes,, December 2017

 “Deep chestnut in colour, the opulent release is said to be plum-pudding on the nose, with a warm base note of raisin and toffee which mingle with a rich vanilla oakiness.”, December 2017

 “The wine was made in a tumultuous political year with the Vietnam War having stepped up yet another bloody gear following the launch of the Tet Offensive; Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were both assassinated, violence marred the Democratic Convention, Richard Nixon became president of the United States and the cause of Civil Rights received an added boost with the Civil Rights Act and the first televised interracial kiss on Star Trek.”  Rupert Millar , Drinks Business, December 2017

 "Taylor’s fifth consecutive Single Harvest Tawny Port, bottled with 50th anniversary celebrations in mind, rises to the occasion. My sister, who is prime target for this elegant Tawny, intoned “so smooth,”when I shared a soupçon with her. It has a deep nose, with spicy wood and fruit notes (vanilla, orange peel, liquorice) and a touch of cafe creme cigar. Lovely balance and mellow, woody timbre in the mouth, with subtly smoky roasted hazelnut/praline, dried/honeyed apricot and higher toned amaretti biscuit lift. Great poise and persistence.Terrific." Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective, December 2017

...and i'm sure they'll more to come.

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