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Taylor’s 325th Anniversary Limited Edition Port

Bottle shapes may change but Taylor's pioneering spirit never will.

When Taylor’s pioneering founder Job Bearsley arrived in Portugal in 1692, his superb Ports were enjoyed in elegant, round bottles known as ‘onions’. Bearsley could not have known that, 325 years later, his firm would be the most famous shipper of Vintage Port, a leading producer of Aged Tawny and creator of the successful Late Bottled Vintage style.

In their 325th year, as a tribute to their founder, Taylor’s is releasing a Limited Edition Reserve Tawny Port presented in a special commemorative bottle inspired by the ‘onion’ shape that graced the tables of Job Bearsley and those of his loyal customers.

Taylor’s 325th Anniversary Limited Edition “Deep chestnut brown core encircled by a narrow brick rim. A rich figgy nose with a background of toffee and mocha, notes of plum and apricot, spicy hints of black pepper, nutmeg and fleeting scents of jasmine, all come together in a heady complex harmony. Dense and luscious on the palate, with a wonderful velvety smoothness. The mellow flavours of butterscotch and molasses merge with rich jammy red berry flavours, a perfect blend of youth and maturity” David Guimaraens, Head Winemaker

        Taylor’s 325th Anniversary Limited Edition PortTaylor's Port 325 Anniversary Logo

1x75cl £24.95

Available to order from 04.05.17

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