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2017 Bodegas Hidalgo harvest update

Bodegas Hidalgo started the 2017 harvest last Wednesday, just when most other producers had already finished or were about to finish. This is a great example of Hidalgo’s commitment to quality. They harvest when the grapes reach 12⁰ Baumé * (which was finally achieved last week). To put this into context most producers, both large and small start the harvest at as low as 10⁰ or 10.5⁰ Baume. For Hidalgo, reaching 12⁰ means that after fermentation the wine will reach at least 13% alcohol. Therefore they need to fortify less and so the finished sherry will be more natural. It seems 2017 is going to be a good harvest. The quality of the grapes is high and they have a good level of pH and acidity and there have been no issues with rot at all in 2017.

Bodegas Hidalgo Sherry Harvest Palomino Grapes  Bodegas Hidalgo Sherry Harvest Palomino Grapes  

*Baumé: A measurement of the dissolved solids in grape juice that indicates the grapes' sugar level and ripeness and therefore the potential alcohol in the wine.

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